Patch V2.9.2.1 Released


   Outer Empires A new patch has been released, adding in an updated market screen (along with a new skill) and the new trade commodities system bringing with it a whopping 45 new resources to trade around the galaxy.

The in game notification looks like this :

Trading Restrictions Lifted

Open trade has been re-opened throughout the Nyridion galaxy and the citizens of both the Government and the Outer Empires are clamoring for the new Trade Commodities.

There's money to be made for those willing to take some time to look around for the best deals.. or just buy low and wait for the price to be right to sell.

More information in a public service announcement here

You can read the full patch notes here - please do post up any questions / feedback - we love to hear it all.

See you in game,

Patches and Updates


   Outer Empires As you will have noticed there have been several updates over the last week or so - and more coming each day... we are still working hard on the colony bombardment and new ship type builds (they're linked together) and will be pushing them out as soon as we can.

In the meantime there are a number of new extra development items happening that are going to make the game flow a little more easily. For instance, we're changing the market system to make it easier to find items within it and also extending the system to include a lot more trade items - more on that when it's all ready. We'd love to hear your market system ideas for making the market pop up be easier on the new players...

Additionally we've continued to prepare for the ships crews with the new 'Living Quarters' ship mode - again, more information will be coming about those enhancements soon as well.

Lastly, as some of you will have heard, we are preparing to send the mass email - but are holding off until everything is ready (i.e. we've tied up the last few bits, dotted the i's and crossed the t's). We're not far off, but we want to make sure everything is ready when the influx comes!

We always welcome feedback and ideas - please do post up on the forums - we really do read every post!

2013 Development Schedule


   Outer Empires As we approach 2013 Brandon and I have had a meeting to organise the next few months development schedules. As you'll see we're as committed as ever to getting the game upgraded, sped up and - more importantly - seen by a few more gamers out there.

Our focus is entirely on getting everything ready and stable before the app version goes out (we don't want to submit the app then have to pull it or switch it off to upgrade it if we need to change things to accomodate a large addition).

So that you can see what we're working towards and what our timeline looks like we put together the below timeline.

2013 RELEASE 1 (V2.9) : February 1st

Colony Combat
Graphics / Kinetic Update
Tutorial Integration
New Landing Page
- Faster signup method
- Mail Shot (on Feb 8th, to give the patch a bit of time to settle down).

2013 RELEASE 2 (V2.10) : March 15th

Colony Managers
New Repair Units
- Internal and External repairs
- Using a New Element - which will be found throughout the galaxy.
Facebook Version Release
Music System Change

2013 RELEASE 3 (V2.11) : May 3rd

New Job Type : Rescue, Recovery : For soldiers / Scientists / Tourist / Diplomats and Criminals.
- Need to have enough life support and quarters for them.
Ship Crew
- Including crew member progression

2013 RELEASE 4 : TBC


There will be more detail about various elements as they get nearer...

Until then, we'd love feedback on what we have in game now, and what we've posted up on above.

See you in game!

What's Next?


   Outer Empires As you may have heard Brandon is working on a huge patch to bring the (much anticipated?) colony bombardment back to the game along with a LOAD of new updates to the underlying code to the game that make things run a whole lot more smoothly.

At the same time I'm looking at the a number of features and updates to make the game more accessible for the new people arriving - including a revamped registration process to cut down the time to get into the game and a tutorial system... all preceeding a bit mailshot that will be going out this month to every past player of the game... so you should see a massive surge of new players [those manufactures out there might want to stock pile those newbie ships and parts for sale..!]

We're also working on facebook integration to the game (you can play from Facebook now - as soon as we switch it on - but we want to add in wall posting opportunities as well - simply as another method to get a few more people in and playing!)

In addition to the above we've also started to look at the ships crew and colony manager enhancements so that you can hire people to crew your ship (each coming with a unique mix of skills - which you can level up over time with crew xp gained for completing jobs).

We always welcome feedback and ideas - please do post up on the forums - we really do read every post!

As always, have fun and please keep reporting those troublesome bugs on the forums!
The Outer Empires Team

October Updates; Skills, Portraits, Cybernetic Implants and more coming...!


   Outer Empires Lots of new development has been underway to introduce a lot of new content to the game - and, with the help of Jason the original Artist, we've added LOADS.

Of note are the new Skills and Cybernetics...

Skills give you access to character bonus's (for instance, increasing the strength of your hull, or reducing the market fees) enabling you to create a truly unique characters over time.

Each skill (and skill level) takes time to train and requires a skill program (available on the market) - every skill starts at level 1 (and once that has trained, you can move on to the next level and so on). The maximum level for any skill is 10... in addition to that some skills require prerequisites, i.e. other skills of a certain level, before you can train them.

Click here to see a full skills chart - in addition to that Jackian has also created a new area for skills on his OE resources and utilities site using the API.

Implants are a quick and easy way to a skill that could take a LONG time to train.. three things are required for a skill chip to be implanted:
  1. an internal power supply to power the chip decks and chips (you can only have one of these installed).
  2. a chip deck to install a chip into (there are 1, 2 and 3 slot chip decks) - (again, you can only have one installed).
  3. a skill chip (you can have as many of these installed as you can fit in your chip deck).
Implants cost money to implant into your bodies at a station (the operation costs are displayed before you implant something) - the main down side of implants is that they will not survive a death and will not automatically reappear in a clone.

There're are lots of new bits coming, to name a few :
  • Colony Combat - re-enabling the ability to wage war on a galactic scale.
  • Ships Crews - giving you access to yet more skills.
  • Colony Managers - who will give the colony that they're located at access to their experience (yes, using skills again).
  • Player Created Jobs - enabling players to automate the movement of goods around the galaxy, but also offer those jobs to other players.
As always, we do appreciate the feedback we get on the forums

Thank you for all your support!
The Outer Empires Team

June Updates - Combat Jobs, OE API & Upcoming Content


   Outer Empires As you will have seen from the patch notes in the forums and daily mini-releases we're making rapid progress through our development task lists including updated combat scripts, combat jobs being reimplemented and loads of other tweaks and updates all over the place.

In addition to that we've been adding new items to the Shop Front (available via the account manager in game) giving you all access to loads of different ship hull type variations, mods and flatpacks.

For those developer's out there, we have also released a new OE API that gives access to player information outside of the game - you can read all about the OE API in the new dedicated API Documentation wiki page. You can generate your own API keys in the account manager, but will need an application key to validate your own applications and websites. The data is available in both JSON and XML formats.

We're working hard towards our next release, but as a taster of what's in store, we're actively working on the following items:
  1. Jump Inhibitors - meaning you can stop someone jumping out of a system if you have one activated.
  2. Salvage & Salvage jobs - including loot lists from NPCs after doing combat missions.
  3. Rush Jobs - where you can get a bonus for completing a job quickly (only available to subbed characters).
As always, have fun and please keep reporting those troublesome bugs on the forums!
The Outer Empires Team

Patch V2.0.2.4 - Combat Arrives


   Outer Empires So here it is, the "Combat Patch" changing the way that the combat in the game works entirely - some to ensure server stress remains low and on the more fun side of things making combat a LOT more deadly. The combat jobs are [b]not[/b] re-enabled yet as we want to ensure that all the combat works the correct way before you get swamped by AI craft in systems when you jump in. -- that being said, we will be switching it on in the next five days, so keep a look out on your Tactical View Computer!

Read the full patch notes here. We have also fixed a load of other items (including several major errors) and added absolutely tons of new functionality to the game (dipping into a few of the ideas posts from the ideas forums).

One of the items in the patch is "Buy Orders" whereby you can post up that you want something in game (i.e. 1000 Titanium) and how much you'll pay for each item (i.e. 5 / titanium) and then other players can "fulfill" that order from the market screens. Of course if you're posting that sort of thing up front you have to have the money to hand over (it's kept in escrow in case you want to cancel the buy order) and there is a 5% market fee - but that is 5% less than the standard market posting fees.

With the combat patch we've re-enabled a load of ship hull types, weapons, armour, power generators and much much more... all of which are now available on the market.

We'll be posting up the next batch of work items for you to view in the announcements forum over the next few days so you can see what the next patch will hold.

Please keep posting up bugs on the Browser Bugs Forum so that we can get things fixed for everyone in a speedy manner.

Thank you for all your support!
The Outer Empires Team

Patches, PSC Items and Shop Front


   Outer Empires Those of you who have been in game will have noticed the rapid development of several patches over the last week (two have been released - read about them here). They have fixed a load of new items up and added new functionality to the game.

We're currently working on V2.0.2.4 which has already got a LOAD of changes and fixes in it... on top of that it has the new combat system being built into it (reduced lag, easier to use and set up.. and using the new animation system).

We've also released some new PSC items in the shop front (you can get to the shop front in game using the icon or by just going directly to There are two new hulls and some sensors up for grabs - those who are into exploring and scanning check out Hcout's "Rapier Outfit Guide" for a super scan ship.

Lastly, we're working on bringing the colony scripts fully online - Brandon estimates we'll have everything up and running by the end of the weekend.

Please keep posting up bugs on the Browser Bugs Forum so that we can get through them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for all your support!
The Outer Empires Team

V2.0.1.1 Released


   Outer Empires It has been a roller coaster of a month since Brandon and I decided OE would be coming back...

... in that time we've updated a LOT of code, added in new items (which you can read about in the release notes from the link below) and redone the entire animation layer to use HTML5 Canvas elements (using Kinetic.js). The HTML5 rewrite has meant that the code executes a LOT faster especially when animating/flying around the galaxy - eventually it's going to mean we can play on the iPad through Safari (a bit more on that below...)

We're by no way finished in our goals and there is a LOT more coming very shortly (there will be a post in the next week or so to let you all know what else we're going to be bringing to the game over the next month - which includes salvage jobs and jump inhibitors) - first we're going to get combat switched back on fully in the next seven days so you can start mullering each other to your hearts content. Release Notes

Those of you who have tried to play the game on the iPad will notice a message that the game isn't currently available on there - that is because we need to do a few tweaks to the user interface to get things running smoothly. We hope to have that up sometime in June.

Lastly, as this is a beta release we're going to be issuing updates thick and fast, but if you do find anything that is borked, please post up on the forums so we can fix it pronto.

Have fun, and see you in game!

Paul and Brandon

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